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April's Showers & Disappointments

Market performance at the end of April did not produce the bounty of flowers expected by the popular refrain; rather, April’s showers continued to rain disappointment on investors as major domestic equity markets dipped to year-to-date lows, along...

Signal vs. Noise

The major domestic market indices all finished March on the upside but are showing YTD losses as they have not yet regained lost ground since...

Markets, Russia & Ukraine

As February ends and March begins, the world's attention is consumed by the Kremlin's aggression against the people of Ukraine.

Stagflation, Job Market Optimism & Credit Realities

Job market optimism collides with credit market realities.

The Fed's Favorite Inflation Gauge

The Fed’s favorite inflation gauge notches a 4-decade high as core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) hit 5.21% in January 2022.

Geopolitical Market Review- Ukraine invaded by Russia

The markets continue to experience turbulence as Ukraine defends itself from Russia’s invasion. Heightened geopolitical risks on top of the...

Turning The Page

December ended on a favorable note for most markets and most commodities. While we are now in the midst of a new flare-up of the Covid virus,...

Indices Reach New Highs

The start of the fourth quarter was generous to the equity markets as almost every key indices reached new year-long heights. 

Why Standard Deviation is a Bad Measurement

Most investment firms today use risk tolerance questionnaires with standard deviation being the primary method for helping to measure risk; here is...

Inflation & Lower Third-Quarter Growth

September was a difficult month for the major market indices as investors remained concerned about the possibility of inflation and the nation’s...