Insuring Your Retirement

Capital Gains vs. Dividends

What’s the difference?

Not all returns are created equal, especially in the eyes of the government. While you may think a 10% return is the same regardless of whether it is categorized under capital gains or dividends, the “powers that be” would beg to differ. In fact, the US tax code treats the two sources of return very differently.

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Was GameStop a Good Play?

The Little Guys Take on Big Hedge Funds With the Help of Reddit

The returns from what’s happened with GameStop over the last few weeks has to have investors wondering, where’s the next opportunity? Another quick stock tip from the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets would be easier than winning the MegaMillions jackpot, right? 

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8 Retirement Accounts You Should Know

Most of us know it’s important to contribute to a retirement plan, but many people struggle starting out because choosing a plan can be overwhelming. I’m here to make the decision a little easier, starting with a quick review of the major benefits and drawbacks of the most common retirement plans.
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The Retirement Challenge for High Income Earners

Why Traditional Planning Won’t Work & How to Fix It

The main issue you face is your ability to fully fund your retirement without affecting your current lifestyle.
Multiple studies conducted by firms such as T Rowe Price and Charles Schwab state that it's reasonable to need 70-80% of your pre-retirement income while in retirement. On average, every pre-retiree would have to save approximately 33% of their gross pay to hit their retirement goal to achieve this.
Is this even possible? Let's find out.
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